A100 member Roger Bertschmann, CEO and founder of Eideticom, announces world’s first NVMe-based computational storage processor

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Industry standard Computational Storage Processor from Eideticom enables managers of data and compute-intensive storage systems to scale

SAN FRANCISCOAug. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – Eideticom, whose first-to-market, NVMe Computational Storage solution offers breakthrough cost savings and performance benefits for cloud and enterprise data center markets, today announced certification with the NVM Express® (NVMe) standard.

NVMe certification of Eideticom’s NoLoad® Computational Storage Processor (CSP) is a world’s first for the rapidly emerging Computational Storage product category. Certification testing was provided by the University of New Hampshire’s InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL), an independent provider of broad-based testing and standards conformance solutions for the storage and networking industry. NVMe certification provides end-customers confidence in seamlessly deploying NoLoad CSPs into cloud and enterprise data centers.

The News:

  • NoLoad® has earned the world’s first NVMe certification by the UNH-IOL of a Computational Storage Processor.
  • Eideticom’s NoLoad uses a NVMe Standards-based Interface, to leverage the existing NVMe eco-system and enable usage of native inbox drivers for all major operating systems.
  • NoLoad’s NVMe-compliant interface simplifies deployment of computational offload by making it straightforward to consume in servers of all types and across all major operating systems.
  • NoLoad CSP solutions are ideal for database acceleration, machine learning inference and data analytics and integrate directly into software stacks like Hadoop, RocksDB, ZFS and others.

“NVMe certification of the NoLoad CSP by the UNH-IOL provides confidence to our customers that NoLoad CSP solutions will seamlessly integrate into their systems.” said Roger Bertschmann, CEO and founder at Eideticom. “We are thankful to the UNH-IOL team for their expertise and diligence in assisting us with the successful completion of the NVMe certification and interop testing process.”

“The team at Eideticom has successfully demonstrated that the NoLoad CSP meets the requirements outlined in our rigorous NVMe certification and interop testing process.” said David Woolf, UNH-IOL Senior Engineer, Datacenter Technologies. “We congratulate Eideticom on achieving compliance.”

Eideticom will be demonstrating new products and end solutions at Flash Memory Summit 2019 in Santa Clara from Aug. 6-9th in Booth 132 with partners Xilinx, Bittware, Western Digital, Broadcom and Echostreams. Partner demonstrations include:

  • Xilinx: Hadoop Acceleration using NoLoad CSP with Xilinx Alveo™ Data Center accelerator cards (Booth #313)
  • Bittware: NoLoad CSP on the Bittware 250-E1S – the world’s first FPGA E1.S NVMe accelerator (Booth #844)
  • Western Digital: RocksDB Acceleration using Eideticom’s NoLoad® CSP with OpenFlex F3100 over NVMe-oF (Booth #207)
  • Broadcom: Computational Storage with Broadcom Stingray™ and Eideticom NoLoad CSP (Booth #729)
  • Echostreams: Database Acceleration using NoLoad CSP on next generation server platforms (Booth #953)

About Eideticom:
Eideticom, which holds offices in Calgary and San Francisco, was founded in 2016 with the mission of developing world-class Computational Storage solutions for cloud and enterprise data centers. Eideticom’s NoLoad® Computational Storage Processor (CSP) technology is accelerating data center infrastructure, enabling greater scalability and dramatically lowering cost. www.eideticom.com

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