Every A100 member plays a role in supporting the next generation of Alberta tech entrepreneurs.

Why join the A100?

The A100’s culture of giving back makes a significant impact in our province’s innovation ecosystem. We pay-it-forward by volunteering our time and experience for the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

Our knowledge and network is more concentrated, we’re more influential with government bodies, and we’re more accessible to other founders and to peer organizations supporting Alberta tech startup success.

Why do we need an independent body of experienced tech entrepreneurs in Alberta? Simply put, because we’re better together.

Connecting entrepreneurs

Connect with select, smart people that can open you up to new thinking and new opportunities, as well as help you with real-world business advice.

Sharing experiences

Walk into meetings, boardrooms, and up to podiums with the credibility of the A100 behind you.

Creating momentum

The A100 fosters alliances to maximize the impact of Alberta’s tech ecosystem.

"There’s a tremendous depth of talent in the A100. I think a lot of the A100 members are as individuals doing a lot of amazing, great work on behalf of our industry, and in particular, working directly to support entrepreneurs."
Carey Houston Founder & CEO, 321 Growth Academy
"People like me and many other A100 members have used technology to solve real problems and created businesses out of it. Those stories need to be shared with startups, and mentorship needs to happen for founders to get the knowledge that they need, and the experience and confidence."
James Keirstead President, Levven
"The A100 is safe place to talk to others about what their experiences are, their successes and their failures. And you can’t really underestimate how important that is to keep us on the rails when you’ve got other people who’ve been through it before."
Victoria Brilz Co-Founder, 4iiii Innovations

Qualifications to join

It takes in-the-trenches startup experience and a commitment to the Alberta tech community to
become a member of the A100. To seek nomination, applicants must meet the following criteria and enlist the support of three current A100 members:

Have you “been there, done that” and built a successful company as a founder or a C-Level executive? To qualify as an A100 member applicants must have the skills, experience, expertise and network that can help Alberta startups increase their chances of success.

To apply for membership – applicants must meet this criteria:

  • Have scaled a technology-intense business that has used its proprietary technology as a source of competitive advantage

And meet at least two of the three criteria below:

  • Have built a technology company with significant market cap reflective of industry
  • Have generated annual revenues of at least $5 Million (CAD)
  • Have successfully exited their technology company

Applicants are also required to make a commitment of participation and engagement. To apply you must consent to:

  • Have the interest and ability to provide great advice to fellow A100 members and Alberta’s tech startup community
  • Maintain a broad network of contacts and be willing to leverage it for the benefit of the Alberta tech community
  • Attend A100 and ecosystem events e.g. AccelerateAB Conference, Inventure$, Startup Calgary & Startup Edmonton Launch Party, pitch events, panel discussions, and lunch & learn sessions amongst many others

If you need some more time to accumulate this experience, we welcome you to join us at AccelerateAB or reach out to current members to get to know us.

The Application Process

The A100 invites new member applications twice a year in April and October. Only a limited number of applicants are accepted each intake. Simply applying does not guarantee you a spot.

The Membership Committee, in partnership with the Board of Directors, review applications based on merit and how they meet The A100’s by-laws and requirements. The committee maintains the right to not extend an offer of admission to all applicants.

Learn more about admission requirements and the process to apply in our 2-pager on the application process.

Steps to become a member

The A100 accepts new members three times a year. January 1, April 1 and October 1. Here’s the path to membership.

  1. Online application
  2. Candidate application review by A100
  3. Call with A100 Membership Chair
  4. A100 Board ratifies successful candidates
  5. New member onboarding

Membership fees

All prices in CAD.

Upon joining:

$500initiation fee+$1000annual membership dues
(Prorated depending on month of admission)

Annual renewal:

$1000per year membership dues
(January 1 – December 31)

Members will receive an invoice to renew membership each December for the coming year.

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We're better together. Stand tall in the company of other Alberta tech startup founders, executives and board directors. Help Alberta tech succeed and scale.

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