AccelerateAB launches inaugural Women in Tech event

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Calgary, Canada – AccelerateAB, Alberta’s flagship technology conference powered by The A100, is proud to announce the program of their inaugural AccelerateAB Women in Tech Summit. The event will take place Monday, April 15, 2019, the day before the full-day AccelerateAB conference.

As of 2017, only 5% of Canadian technology companies have a solo female founder, and only 13% of tech companies have a female co-founder1. In Alberta though, the proportion of female tech founders in 2018 was almost double the national average at 30%. Another interesting fact – this percentage has increased by 50% in the last two years2.

“Championing women in technology is one of the most important causes in our industry today,” says Cynthia van Sundert, Executive Director of The A100. “While we have made great strides, it is important that we continue to support and grow women in tech. AccelerateAB’s Women in Tech Summit will focus on accelerating, supporting, and learning from outstanding female entrepreneurs to help continue this positive trajectory.”

The AccelerateAB Women in Tech event will take place at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre and will feature a mix of keynote speakers and panel discussions.

  • Keynote Speaker: Carol Leaman, President & CEO of Axonify speaking on “Capital for Innovation – Why Diversity Matters?”
  • Keynote Speaker: Andrea Stairs, Managing Director, eBay speaking on “Culture Builder Insights”
  • Panel: Co-Founder Dynamics – How to Successfully Manage Dynamics
  • Panel: Capital Dynamics – Addressing the Challenges in Fundraising
  • Panel: Social Capital – How to Build an Effective Ecosystem for Female Entrepreneurs

The AccelerateAB Women in Tech Summit is supported by Absorb LMS, the Accelerate Fund, BDC, Benevity, and #movethedial.

Tickets for the AccelerateAB Women in Tech event are on sale now. For more information about The A100 please visit For more more information about AccelerateAB please visit


Cynthia van Sundert
Executive Director, The A100
cynthia at thea100 dot org
+1 403 690 9339

Meghan Somers
meghan at theagencyinc dot ca
+1 587 899 0615

About AccelerateAB:
AccelerateAB is the province’s flagship technology conference that celebrates the best of Alberta’s technology scene. It is an annual conference that brings together leaders, investors, influencers and supporters of Alberta’s technology ecosystem, with the goal of leveraging the success of the next generation of technology entrepreneurs across the province.

The event is backed by high-profile and successful leaders in the industry and is powered by The A100, a member-driven group of Alberta’s most noteworthy technology entrepreneurs.


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2Alberta Enterprise Corporation, 2018 Alberta Tech Deal Flow Study & 2016 Alberta Tech Deal Flow Study