How can a startup help 90 million people in six years? Tiffany Kaminsky shows it’s about clarity of purpose

Tiffany Kaminsky co-founded Symend in 2016. Headquartered in Calgary, the company now has operations across Canada, the US and Latin America and has helped nearly 90 million people to date—and growing—with its Behavioral Engagement Technology™ that makes difficult conversations a more positive experience. The founders have successfully raised $187 million in capital and lead a […]

NanoTess receives 2022 The A100 One to Watch

On November 17, 2022, NanoTess was recognized with The A100 One to Watch Award as part of the 2022 Start Alberta Tech Awards. The A100 One to Watch is awarded to an early-stage company that is voted by A100 members as “most likely to succeed.”     NanoTess is an early-stage Calgary-based health tech company […]

Syantra receives 2021 A100 One to Watch Award

On November 16, Syantra received the A100 One to Watch Award as part of the Start Alberta Tech Awards being announced through to November 22. Presented by the A100, the One to Watch Award recognizes an Alberta tech business who A100 members regard as the most likely to succeed. Syantra DX is an innovative healthcare company that has isolated and […]

World-class tech database launches in Alberta, first of its kind in North America

Start Alberta

The new Start Alberta Deal Flow Platform joins more than 40 other tech startup ecosystem solutions, including the UK, France, Berlin and Amsterdam CALGARY, June 15, 2021 – Three leading organizations in Alberta’s technology industry today announced that the province will be the first location in North America to join a vast network of startup […]

Calgary-based Absorb LMS acquired for US$500 million

Absorb LMS

CALGARY and NEW YORK, April 20, 2021 – Calgary-based Absorb LMS—recognized globally as one of the fastest growing, industry-leading providers of cloud-based learning and performance management software to businesses, higher education, government and non-profit agencies around the world—today announced its acquisition by Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS). The investment achieves a greater than US$500 […]

The elegance of entrepreneurship: getting to know A100 Chair, Aaryn Flynn

Aaryn Flynn

Incoming A100 Chair, Aaryn Flynn, brings deep technology experience, an entrepreneurial spirit, and creative passion to his new role with Alberta’s foremost tech pioneers and mentors Congratulations on your appointment as A100 Chair, Aaryn. You’ve been a member of the A100 since 2017, but can you tell us more about your entrepreneurial journey? I started […]

Provision Analytics is A100 One to Watch at Start Alberta Tech Awards

Provision Analytics

On November 16, Calgary-based Provision Analytics received the A100 One to Watch Award at this year’s virtual Start Alberta Tech Awards. Selected from a group of 17 nominated startups, the A100 One to Watch Award is presented to an Alberta up-and-coming tech company that is considered most likely to succeed as voted by A100 members. […]

Asking for help (and how to give it): A100 member Carey Houston walks the talk

Carey Houston

Entrepreneur, mentor, A100 pioneer and voracious reader, Carey Houston has been there, done that — and her work is far from done Tell me how your entrepreneurial path began. That’s a great question. I actually started in the tech industry in Toronto and worked in three startups there. Then I decided it would be much […]

Patience and the people factor: tips from A100 member John Pinsent

John Pinsent

Having seen a wide range of Alberta tech success, angel investor and A100 member, John Pinsent, shares what he looks for in tech companies and his biggest lessons learned We’ll start in the beginning. What can you tell me about your entrepreneurial journey? Mine is probably a bit of a different story than most of […]

Pain relief or vitamins? A100 member Terry Sydoryk on the question founders need to ask

Terry Sydoryk

Self-described ‘company creator’, Terry Sydoryk, digs into executing on product-market fit, the magic of good timing, and the secret to good leadership. So, tell me how it all began. I graduated from the University of Alberta with a mechanical engineering degree and spent about 18 months in the energy services business. I quickly realized the […]

Who needs unicorns when you have gazelles? Interview with A100 member Stephen King

A100 founding member, Stephen King, shares thoughts on the importance of gazelles, tech dynasties, and why startup CEOs should stay off the stage.  I know a little bit about the beginnings of your entrepreneurial journey, but feel free to refresh my memory. I’m a product of Canada. I was born in the Maritimes, in Yarmouth, […]

A100 member John Murphy on innovation, expectation, and chasing the dream

Having worked with NASA, Apple and Boeing, John “Murf” Murphy talks the highs and lows of being a tech entrepreneur and why sometimes it’s about just getting it done  I’ve heard you say that you’ve never really worked for anybody else but yourself? Yeah, that’s right. I’m just one of those serial entrepreneur guys. Right […]