Championing Alberta tech with A100 member David Edmonds

David Edmonds headshot

When it comes to tech startups and entrepreneurs in Alberta, David Edmonds is the man with the plan, network, and know-how. Check out the story behind one of the original tech “influencers”.  What can you tell me about your entrepreneurial story? Well, you’re getting into prehistoric times [laughs]. When I graduated from school, I got […]

It’s about the thrill of the hunt for A100 member Keith Driver

Keith Driver

As the force behind hot new agtech firms such as Enterra Feed and Waterford Farms, A100 member Keith Driver has become a major influence on Alberta’s tech landscape Ok, this is an exciting one. Tell me how it all began.  I moved West in ‘99 and lasted about a year working for somebody else. I […]

Welcome to the jungle: A100 member Tim Hodge on entrepreneurial battle scars

After migrating out West, A100 member Tim Hodge faced a wild ride of entrepreneurial adventures. He shared with us some of his most valuable lessons learned. Let’s start at the beginning. Tell me about your entrepreneurial journey. I started in management consulting back in the mid ‘90s in Toronto. I was doing front end consulting […]

Accelerate Fund II invests in G2V Engineered Sunlight™

EDMONTON, AB, November 6, 2019 – Accelerate Fund II is pleased to announce its investment in G2V Optics, an Edmonton-based company providing smart lighting technology to produce optimal growth conditions for indoor farming and rigorous testing tools for solar-related products. By reproducing the full dynamic spectral complexity of sunlight, G2V Optics is helping growers of high value vegetables, […]

A100 member Victoria Brilz on building companies and communities

Following her recent hike along Spain’s famed Camino de Santiago, we sat down with sports wearables pioneer, Victoria Brilz, for her insight on product development, the origins of tech in Alberta, and building a company with purpose.  I’d love to hear more about your entrepreneurial journey. It started back in university, when my now husband […]

Mikata Health receives A100 One To Watch Award

On October 23 in Edmonton, Calgary-based Mikata Health received the 2019 A100 One to Watch Award at the Start Alberta Tech Awards. Selected from a group of 12 nominated startups, the A100 One to Watch Award is presented to an Alberta up-and-coming tech company that is considered most likely to succeed. Mikata Health is a […]

True grit and big thinking: tips for success from A100 member James Keirstead

James Keirstead

Passionate mentor and supporter of Alberta’s business community, lifelong entrepreneur James Keirstead looks back on a career of lessons learned and what tech’s exponential growth means for the future. I’m keen to know about your experience as an entrepreneur. Where did it all begin?  Well, I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life. My twin […]

A100 members Elena Dumitrascu and Dan Giurescu are not your average co-founders

Discover how co-founders and life partners Elena Dumitrascu and Dan Giurescu navigate trust, addiction to success, and barriers to innovation.  Yours is such a wonderful journey — both as individuals and as co-founders. Tell me how you two started down this path.  Elena: We started in different places, actually. Dan as a business major, and […]

Why local talent is the secret to success for A100 member Brad Zumwalt

Humble, generous, and acutely passionate about local talent, Brad Zumwalt is one of the original Calgary tech success stories. We sat down with him to learn more about his blueprint for growing a great company. As one of the original members of the A100, you’ve had quite a journey leading up to where you are […]

Canada’s tech startups drew over $3 billion in the first half of 2019

Story by Veronica Sheppard, MaRS Canada has a different way of doing business, and it’s paying off. Local and international investors, including some NBA stars, are setting their sights on increasingly popular tech hot spots across the country, cities that are producing more “narwhals” — the Canadian counterpart to unicorns, which are companies valued over $1 billion — […]

Bouncing back from an entrepreneurial eff-up

The startup and entrepreneurial journey, while always exciting, can sometimes throw unexpected challenges into the path to success. Kevin Franco, Executive Advisor and Entrepreneur in Residence at Platform Calgary, is more than a little familiar with that journey. Prior to acting as this year’s Moderator for the “Entrepreneur Eff-Up Stories” panel at AccelerateAB, we connected […]