Asking for help (and how to give it): A100 member Carey Houston walks the talk

Carey Houston

Entrepreneur, mentor, A100 pioneer and voracious reader, Carey Houston has been there, done that — and her work is far from done Tell me how your entrepreneurial path began. That’s a great question. I actually started in the tech industry in Toronto and worked in three startups there. Then I decided it would be much […]

A100 member John Murphy on innovation, expectation, and chasing the dream

Having worked with NASA, Apple and Boeing, John “Murf” Murphy talks the highs and lows of being a tech entrepreneur and why sometimes it’s about just getting it done  I’ve heard you say that you’ve never really worked for anybody else but yourself? Yeah, that’s right. I’m just one of those serial entrepreneur guys. Right […]

Championing Alberta tech with A100 member David Edmonds

David Edmonds headshot

When it comes to tech startups and entrepreneurs in Alberta, David Edmonds is the man with the plan, network, and know-how. Check out the story behind one of the original tech “influencers”.  What can you tell me about your entrepreneurial story? Well, you’re getting into prehistoric times [laughs]. When I graduated from school, I got […]

True grit and big thinking: tips for success from A100 member James Keirstead

James Keirstead

Passionate mentor and supporter of Alberta’s business community, lifelong entrepreneur James Keirstead looks back on a career of lessons learned and what tech’s exponential growth means for the future. I’m keen to know about your experience as an entrepreneur. Where did it all begin?  Well, I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life. My twin […]

Canada’s tech startups drew over $3 billion in the first half of 2019

Story by Veronica Sheppard, MaRS Canada has a different way of doing business, and it’s paying off. Local and international investors, including some NBA stars, are setting their sights on increasingly popular tech hot spots across the country, cities that are producing more “narwhals” — the Canadian counterpart to unicorns, which are companies valued over $1 billion — […]

AccelerateAB 2019: Showcasing Economic Diversity in Action

Calgary, Canada – More than 650 of Western Canada’s top founders, funders, startups, and other innovation-minded people gathered for AccelerateAB 2019 and its inaugural Women in Tech Summit in Calgary on April 15-16 to help further the discussion about economic diversity in the province. Powered by The A100, the annual conference — which began nine […]

AccelerateAB launches inaugural Women in Tech event

Calgary, Canada – AccelerateAB, Alberta’s flagship technology conference powered by The A100, is proud to announce the program of their inaugural AccelerateAB Women in Tech Summit. The event will take place Monday, April 15, 2019, the day before the full-day AccelerateAB conference. As of 2017, only 5% of Canadian technology companies have a solo female […]

AccelerateAB, Alberta’s Flagship Technology Conference, Continues to Innovate with the Times

CALGARY, Alberta — AccelerateAB, Alberta’s most sought-after technology conference to brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators from all over Canada, is excited to announce the theme “Data: Alberta’s New Energy” for 2019, and its inaugural call for speakers. The latter is particularly of note as it is the first time AccelerateAB is doing a public […]